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Napoleonic Timeline: 1810

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Napoleon Bonaparte in 1810
Napoleon Bonaparte in 1810

1st January – It is decided to erect on the periphery of the Concorde Bridge large statues of eight generals dead on the battlefield. – 5 January – Letter of Marie-Louise of Austria to her father, the Emperor of Austria Francis I: I read today in the journal papers on Napoleon's divorce from his wife, I must confess, dear father, that I was deeply worried. – 6 January – France and Sweden conclude an alliance. – 9 January – The marriage of Napoleon is declared invalid by the Officiality from Paris about the spiritual connection. A nine francs fine is imposed on the Emperor. – 11 January – The Bishop Committee is asked three series of questions by Napoleon, including: The bull of excommunication of 10 June 1809 being contrary to Christian charity, and independence and the honor of the throne, what to do to ensure that in times of trouble and calamity, the Popes do not wear to such excesses of power? – 17 January – From Napoleon to Josephine: D'Audenarde told me you lack of courage since you're at Malmaison. This place  La Malmaison however is full of feelings that can not and should never change, at least on my side ... If you doubt me, you'd be ungrateful. – 28 January – The Privy Council of the Emperor receives the mission to decide his future wife: a Russian princess, Austrian, Saxon, or even French.

6 February – Armand de Caulaincourt, Duke of Vicenza, announces to Napoleon 1 that Emperor Alexander I of Russia refuses to give him the hand of his sister. – 7 February – The temporary contract of marriage between Napoleon and Marie-Louise of Austria is signed in Paris. – 16 February – Ratification of this contract in Vienna. – 17 February – An organic senatus-consultum provides in Article #7: The Crown Prince bears the title and received the honors of King of Rome. – 20 February – Andreas Hofer, the leader of the Tyrolean uprising of 1809, is executed in Mantua  Mantua. – 23 February – Napoleon writes his first letter to Marie-Louise. – 25 February – The House of the future Empress is set up.

5 March – Answer from Marie-Louise to Napoleon: I beg your Imperial Majesty to be convinced that I now consider as an obligation to take care to develop the qualities that will make me better in His person and His reconciling me tenderness. – 11 March – Blessing of the union of Marie-Louise and Napoleon in the parish church of the Hofburg, in Vienna. The Empress is represented by the Archduke Charles of Austria. – 13 March – Marie-Louise leaves Vienna. – 25 March – Announcement of the marriage of six thousand former soldiers throughout France, brides being endowed by the Emperor. – 27 March – Napoleon leaves Compiègne  Castle of Compiègne to join Marie-Louise; they meet in front of the church of Courcelles-sur-Vesle  Church of Courcelles-sur-Vesle. – 30 March – The couple leaves Compiegne.

1st April – Celebration of civil marriage at Saint-Cloud. – 2 April – Cardinal Fesch celabrates the religious marriage in the Salon Carré of the Louvre  Religious wedding of Napoleon I & Marie-Louise in the Salon carré du Louvre, April 2, 1810, by G. Rouget . – 27 April – Departure for honeymoon: Northern France, Belgium, Normandy.

1st May – The United States Congress vote the Macon's Bill Number 2, which prohibits importation of goods from Great Britain, France or their colonies, under conditions. – 4 May – Birth of Alexander Colonna Walewski, the illegitimate son of Napoleon 1 and Maria Walewska.

1st June – Return of newlyweds in Saint-Cloud. – 3 June – Joseph Fouché, Duke of Otranto, is appointed Governor of Rome and must leave the Police Department. – 6 June – The Trade and Manufactures Council is created. – 10 June – The imperial couple is solemnly received at City Hall of Paris. The Phrygian cap, which appeared on its front since 1793, and the inscription on the façade Unity, indivisibility of the Republic, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, or Death are erased . – 13 June – Visit of Napoleon to Josephine. – 21 June – Marie-Louise and Napoleon visit the Trianon and the Palace of Versailles. – 29 June – Fouché's appointment as Governor of Rome is canceled. He retires in Aix, in Provence.

1st to 13 July – Abdication of Louis Bonaparte, King of Holland of Holland; the country is united to France, and Amsterdam becomes the third city of the Empire.

15 August – Birthday of the Emperor. The Vendôme Column is inaugurated. – 21 August – Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte, Prince of Ponte-Corvo, is elected to the throne of Sweden. – 25 August – The Feast of the Empress is celebrated at St. Cloud.

12 November – Napoleon 1 informs French Senate of the pregnancy of the Empress.

31 December – The Tsar of Russia Alexander 1 bans the entry of French goods in the Russian Empire; the Franco-Russian alliance is indeed broken.