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Antoine-Jean Gros

Knight of the Légion d'Honneur


Arms of Antoine-Jean Gros (1771-1835)

Born on March 16, 1771 in Paris.

French neoclassical painter.

Principal works: "Napoleon Bonaparte at the Bridge of the Arcole", "Napoleon Bonaparte visiting the plague victims of Jaffa", "The Battle of Abukir", "The Battle of the Pyramids", "The Battle of Austerlitz", "Napoleon on the battlefield of Preussisch-Eylau", "Hercules and Diomedes"...

He died on June 25, 1835 in Meudon, near Paris, and was buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery (25th division)  Tomb of Antoine-Jean Gros.

"Antoine-Jean Gros". Self-portrait.

"Antoine-Jean Gros". Self-portrait.

Other portraits

Antoine-Jean Gros (1771-1835)
"Antoine-Jean Gros" by François Pascal Simon Gérard (Rome 1770 - Paris 1837).