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Battle of Ulm

Date and place

  • October 15th to 20th at Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, on the border with Bavaria.

Involved forces

  • French Army (80 000 men), under emperor Napoleon I. 
  • Austrian Army (40 000 men), under Prince Johann I Joseph of Liechtenstein and general Karl Mack von Leiberich. 

Casualties and losses

  • French Army : 500 men dead, 1 000 wounded 
  • Austrian Army : 4 000 dead, 25 000 prisoners 

On October 15, 1805, following a request for surrender addressed to the Austrians and left unanswered, Napoleon took the offensive around 2:30 p.m. by sending General Henri-Gatien Bertrand Henri-Gatien Bertrand then General Jean-Pierre Firmin Malher Jean-Pierre Firmin Malher (VI Corps), who managed to take the heights of Michelsberg [48.41168, 9.98326], north-northwest of Ulm:

Ulm : The heights of Michelsberg
The heights of Michelsberg, north-northwest of Ulm

At the same time, General Louis-Gabriel Suchet attacked the Frauensberg The Frauensberg at Ulm, view 1 The Frauensberg at Ulm, view 2 [48.41173, 9.98812], very close, to the north.

On the same day, the city of Ulm was completely surrounded by Marshals Jean Lannes et Michel Ney, and Generals Auguste Frédéric Louis Viesse de Marmont and Louis-Gabriel Suchet.

In the evening, General Louis Henri Loison Louis Henri Loison reached the gates of the city, but was pushed back.

Ulm : general view
Ulm: general view from the Michelsberg

The next day, Napoleon decided not to attack the city while Karl Mack von Leiberich Karl Mack von Leiberich was stalling while waiting for the next arrival of the Russians.

However, fearing the lack of food and after a short bombardment, Mack yielded and negotiated with Napoleon the conditions of a surrender, which took place on October 20.

More than 20,000 Austrian infantrymen were captured, belonging to the following infantry regiments:

  1. #1 (Emperor Francis II)
  2. #3 (Archduke Charles)
  3. #8 (Archduke Louis)
  4. #11 (Archduke Rainer)
  5. #12 (Friedrich Marchese Manfredini)
  6. #15 (Freiherr Carl von Riese)
  7. #24 (Carl von Auersperg)
  8. #28 (Michael von Fröhlich)
  9. #36 (Johann Karl Kolowrat-Krakowsky)
  10. #41 (Friedrich von Sachsen-Hildburghausen)
  11. #54 (Joseph Froon von Kirchrath)
  12. #57 (Joseph Maria von Colloredo-Mels und Wallsee)
  13. #64 (Johann Gabriel Chasteler de Courcelles)

No less than 60 cannons and 40 flags were also taken. Napoleon's victory was complete.

Map of the battle of Ulm

Napoleonic Battles - Map of the battle of Ulm

Picture - The surrender of Ulm. Painted by Charles Thévenin (1764 - 1838).

Napoleonic Battles - Picture of the battle of Ulm -

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